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We’re not advocates of slouching in front of the telly; you know mindlessly spooning a ready meals or potato crisps without regard for what you’re eating, hypnotized by the blue glow of the television screen. No certainly not, meals are for sharing and conversing and being together.. however there might be some exceptions.

Imagine that movie that you love to watch with your loved one or the family cartoon that you’ve watched a thousand times but that has your kids in stitches; or that football or rugby game that has you and your mates sitting on the edge of your seat all the way through the match. These occasions are kind of special; they are another way of being together with those you care about… so why not make it feel a little bit more special by making it a bit of a party.

At Truola party labs, we’ve developed just the perfect recipes that make such a get together an even greater success. Just be prepared for cheers and compliments when you bring out these snacks. (you could even choose to do all of them if you have a bit of a crowd)

Pigs in blankets: Yes you’re right not really hard to make this one, but it has a nice little kick.

Nachos: Classic snack, the trick is not to let the nachos get soggy.

Sausage rolls: This recipe requires a bit more work, but you’re worth it ;).

Sticky drumsticks: Salsa or some sweet chili sauce go well with this one and the good thing is that it’s really easy to make.