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Do you know the feeling, you have friends coming around for a barbecue and you’re racking your brains what to serve them. On the one hand super markets and convenience stores have marinated meat down to an art, so easy does it you can get delicious and exciting meat variations ready to cook..….. All you have to do is fire up the grill, open a beer or a bottle of rosé if that is more your thing, and wait until it’s done.

But even though I sometimes use this option, I feel something is missing. It’s a bit like I’m cheating, like I’m taking shortcuts and not giving it my bestest ; so I do it properly I buy the meat, chicken or fish and do the long and hard preparatory work.

And exactly that is the problem: once you’ve decided the main, you may still have capacity to think about a salad or garlic bread, but any sauces become a side matter, the forgotten stepchild of the barbecue.

But sauces can really liven up the party, they enhance the grilled dishes and simply add some bread and they become a wonderful dip or spread, delighting your guests. This is why they’re essential to a good barbecue.

Like with the meat, the food industry has some pretty mean sauces out there and they are delicious and perfectly fine. However there is a kind of magic to making things yourself and getting glowing reviews from your audience. We have a number of sauces and salsa’s that do that for you, you make them from scratch and enchant your crowd; however, this might be less useful when you’re in a rush.

So here at Truola recipe labs, we’ve developed a couple of hybrid sauces that are quick and easy to make and still give you the satisfaction of having “done the cooking”; these recipes can be made at the drop of a hat and its very likely that you’ll have the ingredients already, or they’re easy to get.

Easy AioliEasy Aioli – As the name indicates, garlic is the star of this recipe. The nice thing is that no eggs are required to make this sauce and it can be used just as easily to accompany a grilled steak or gyros aswell as a wonderful dip for a baguette.

Easy Tomato SalsaEasy Tomato salsa – Fresh and spicy at the same time, you’ll be surprised about this recipe. It is lightning fast to make, which is necessary as you’ll be making a second batch as soon as you’ve put it on the table with nachos, meat or quesadillas. This time we have the video to show you just how easy it is.

Suriname Satay SauceSuriname Satay Sauce – As the name suggests, this is a peanut based satay sauce as you’ll find usually in Indonesian and Malay cuisine; however it has some subtle twists to the plot such as Scottish bonnet peppers instead of chillies… pump up da heat in da house.

Ricotta PestoRicotta Pesto – If mild is more your thing, then you might try this pesto sauce. It combines a mild twang from rocket salad with the nutty flavors of roasted pine nuts and the silky smoothness of ricotta. Truly wonderful with some ciabatta, some grilled steak or simply through the pasta.