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Breaking The Sandwich Barrier

Sandwiches are not getting the respect they should these days, however they have huge potential. They combine the superfood “bread” with an infinite array of fillings and spreads. We want o help you break through the sandwich barrier and become as enthusiastic about them as we are. So this week we have a couple of classic sandwiches… but then Truola style.

B-L-T: Unbeatable sandwich, simply a “must have” in your sandwich repertoire! Make it with streaky bacon or with the more traditional British bacon, either way this “sarnie” is a winner.

Bagel with mozzarella and tomato: Yes you’re right we’ve found a way to put a Caprese salad into sandwich form; this recipe even has home-made bagels in it if you really want to go to town and show your guests that sandwich making is high art.

Skyr & Grilled Chicken Double-decker Sandwich: Skyr is all the rave these days with its high protein and low fat, have a look at this barrier breaking sandwich which puts grilled chicken and skyr into one place and boy do they talk to each other!!!

Focaccia with tuna mayonnaise: Its Tuna mayonnaise Jim…. But not as we know it, try this delicious variation on the old Tuna / may theme, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.