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Fiesta or Siesta

Today’s forecast has temperatures soaring to 33 degrees Celsius, it seems like summer has finally arrived. Maybe if you’re like me, complaints about the heat are starting to bubble in the back of your mind. Except that there really is no reason to complain, at least not yet….

You basically have to tackle the situation head-on, grab the bull by the horns, make hay whilst the sun shines and definitely make sure this circumstance doesn’t render you into helpless victim.

So here’s the beef, you’ll simply have to decide to Fiesta or to Siesta at any given point during this heat wave. Truola has developed a scientific approach to selecting Fiesta or Siesta and we have created a model to help you decide which one you need most at any given time. It basically works with three spheres of influence that determine how you make your decision.

With this model, you start at the top and work your way down; here are the key things to observe:

Self: This is about your current state of mind, because how you feel will determine largely how you will act. Are you chilled or are you active, do you want to spend time in the company of friends or do you want to be alone with your book.

Inventory: This is a direct function of what you have in stock in your drinks cupboard; combined with your propensity to purchase and the square root of the proximity of the store.

Company: number of friends divided by mood multiplied by inventory of drinks.

Whilst this is all very pseudo-scientific, using the model properly will keep you busy for a while. So in the meantime why don’t you fix yourself a nice refreshing drink!

Whether you’re Siesta or Fiesta, we have a couple of suggestions that might make your day………. whichever way decide to you go.

Scented water

Simple yet sophisticated; aesthetic and pleasing to the pallet. This easy to make yet elegant drink is sure to romance your guests or quench your own thirst. Furthermore no dehydration form heat or other causes. So please go ahead and try this recipe at your leisure, we're sure it will bring you lots of pleasure.

Pina Colada

This one has even been covered in a song, it's sweet, it's smooth and with a little rum....... its sure to make you sing along. Try this classic for yourself or your friends, but don't make too many in the end.


Don't make this drink at home, because your friends might stay around and you might develop interesting conversation with lots of laughter and joy. Heaven forbid they might even stay for tapas or any other dish you can conjure up in a flash. You may have trouble closing out the evening and fall in your bed at a late hour, marginally tipsy I might add. So be warned, if you don't want any of these things then you shouldn't make this drink.


Mojito, what can we say.................. only make this drink if you wish to dance the night away.