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Greek Week

This week we do Greek recipes………..why you ask?

The honest truth is that we have a fantastic Gyros recipe and we’re really looking for an excuse to show it to you. The good news, as barbecue season is pretty much over, is that you can also do the gyros in the rotisserie in your oven. So no worries, go with the flow and lets have a Greek week.

With a bit of luck you’ll recall some holiday moments as well.

Tzatziki:really a must have recipe for our Greek week. It is easy to make, healthy for mind and body and it’s also the perfect complement to gyros.

Greek Pita Bread:We’ve also shown you this one before, we really love it!!True it is perfect for gyrosbut you could also try it with some cheese and fresh greens and herbs…

Gyros: We made this out in the woods, cooking in the open air in front of a log cabin; it simply doesn’t get any better than that. You can make it outside on your grill or inside in the oven….all you have to do is find some hungry friends…. and make the Pita’s and the Tzatziki as well.

Greek Salad:As far as salads go this is one of our favorites and it fits nicely with our Greek theme. We thought you might like something light after trying the gyros.

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