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Vegetarians of the world unite, lettuce rules and peas on earth. This week we’re not doing meat, yep you heard us: no meat in this week’s recipes!

But how will we survive? You ask… the answer is simple and effective. If you’re up for it, stay with the story and have a go at this week’s star recipes and if you’re not go to and search for something that better fits your pallet.

However I really urge you to stick with us, because you have a chance to experience a delicious mushroom and rocket pesto lasagna, an over the moon aubergine gratin and a cheeky vegetable pot dip that will make your neighbours jealous.

So let’s not get into ideological debates about to “meat or not to meat”… simply have a go and tell us what you think.

Aubergine Gratin: This is our vegetarian flagship this week. Look at the video and be enchanted, it’s simply delicious, serve it with some rice or some salad and your evening is made.

Vegetable Lasagna with Ricotta pesto filling: This rather long name is still not long enough to describe how tasty this dish really is. Imagine the cheese ending but then better. Simply try it.

Vegetable pot: This optical and culinary delight will have your guests talking for sure. It looks great and tastes even better. Make this for a party or a special starter

Falafel: Fantastic and easy to make. Give it a go.