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Greetings from Belgium

Belgium…what do we know about Belgium…...a small country in Europe sandwiched between Holland, France and a little bit of Germany; home to various European governmental functions, and about 11.4m people living on 30,500 km2 but otherwise little news it seems.

The Dutch band “het goede doel” described Belgium very well though in their hit song “Belgie”. First of all the Flemish language is very poetic and flowing compared to Dutch and the Belgians are great Burgundians, they really know how to live. The country is not as densely populated as some of the other smaller European states and people are generally very friendly.

If you haven’t been to Belgium you have definitely missed some great foods (although in this international world we live in you have a high probability to try anything anywhere these days). We don’t claim to have the full menu from Belgium for you here but definitely some must try highlights.

As we’ve done a few savory dishes in a row for the previous videos, we now have a lovely Belgian sweet delicacy for you to try. So without further ado, over to the recipes from Belgium.

Belgium pearl waffles: These waffles are something else. They have been known to be compared to the eighth wonder of the world… only kidding.. they are very good though. We’re not going to lie to you, this simply isn’t a diet recipe.

Moules Frites: When the “r” is in the name of the month, it’s mussels season; many people in Belgium and also Holland are eagerly awaiting September to eat Moules frites. This dish is very easy to make and is a bit of a social happening. When you make this dish make sure you have a bit of a crowd to enjoy it with.

Chocolate mousse: Other culinary highlights from Belgium are chocolate treats, such as pralines and chocolate mousse. The latter is relatively easy to make and a delicious desert at that; so go ahead and measure yourself with the best of Belgian chocolatiers and make this mousse at home.

Oven chicory: with mashed potatoes is a favourite in this part of the world. The chicory is rolled in cooked ham and covered with cheese (sometimes with a cheese sauce) and placed in the oven. Anyway try it and you be the judge.

Het Goede Doel: "Belgie" (Retro)