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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a wonderful holiday where kids get to dress up and go around the houses for “trick or treat.”

At Truola we have some sweet and savory dishes that help you make good use of the pumpkin fruits and give your kids or guests something funny/scary yet tasty to nibble on while they endure the trickery.

Ghost Cupcakes: delicious and easy to make. Sure to conjure a smile on the faces of friends and family.

Pumpkin Pie

Truth be told, Halloween generates a lot of left over pumpkin and after pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie is probably the most popular application. That said you haven’t lived until you’ve tried our take on it.

Pumpkin Cappuccino

An elegant take on pumpkin soup savory and stylish, it is sure to evoke some pleasant reactions as they warm themselves with this delicious soup.

Bat Soup

Quick tasty and great Halloween spirit.