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Holiday moments

Holidays.. Entering the final stretch, a last dose of hot weather going to the pool, the seaside or a holiday house or if you're lucky a combination of all of the above. More often we would like to relive the moments that take us back to those place, best experienced with family, friends or some friendly neighbours joining you for some drinks and a bite.

So you cool the white wine or the beers. The more adventurous among us will make something a little stronger for their guests... Shaken but not stirred. Conversation kicks off and amidst laughter and enjoyment of the memories, hunger kindles. In most cases you'll forecast some barbecued delights to your guests. And although barbecue in all its guises is the undisputed king of outdoor cooking, we'd like you to consider something slightly different, something versatile and delicious that may take you back to Spain or the Orient; it typically only requires a pan and a burner to make these memories and you can even do it inside should the weather go south.

So what are we talking about... Well, a couple of one-pan star recipes, that look and taste great and provide a bit of a show for your guests while taking you back to your holiday. The best thing is that you're cooking, entertaining and having fun all at the same time. You may even have your guests join in the process, or in the worst case give helpful directions.


Paella - this classic that everybody knows, takes you back to the Spanish sun, sights, smells and sounds. It takes a while to cook, but then again who cares when you're sipping a long drink or sangria with some friends or family.

Chicken Fried Rice Nasi Goreng

Chicken fried rice - this is a delicious dish from Indonesia where its called "nasi goreng" which means fried rice. If you do the cutting and blending before your guests come, then the floor is yours when its time to cook. Just one thing if you're up for "spicy", i dare you to replace the chili peppers with Scottish bonnet peppers :).

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara - needs no introduction, always nice and satisfying and surprisingly easy to make.

Cajun Chicken Quesadillas

Cajun chicken quesadillas - make the chicken in advance and set up a little food station where everyone can make their own quesadillas, tailor made. Ready in a flash, yet you’ll have fun for hours.