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Ice n Shakes

I scream, Ice cream everybody ice cream……. Who doesn’t like these cool sweet refreshments on a summer day. Everybody has their own memories and associations when it comes to ice cream. For some its childhood, for some it’s a nice date, for others it’s a special flavor more than a special occasion.

For us Ice cream means Rome in the evening. Imagine a late August evening; after a stroll in the park near Villa Borghese you proceed down the Spanish steps into the hustle and bustle of the streets below. The evening is warm and pleasant and has shed the oppressive heat of the day. The city is a different place, but still a hive of activity. All around are restaurants with terraces and you may stick around for a delicious Italian meal al fresco or just sample some wine or beer and watch the show around you.

Then you have the urge for something cool and sweet…… and Rome has just the thing for you. Gelateria, these are ice cream shops; they vary in size from impressive grand cafes to small shop fronts with just enough room for the freezer and cones. The ice cream is delicious and often freshly made in the store and the good news is that there are thousands of them. You won’t have to travel far to choose a delicious ice cream. They offer a wide variety of flavours, pistachio, lime, fudge, strawberry, Amaretto, to name a few; the list is endless. On the stroll back to your lodging, you enjoy the cone of ice cream and a smile appears as you’ve experienced such a wonderful evening.

At Truola labs we’ve tried to replicate this wonderful experience under laboratory conditions. We came to the conclusion however that we can’t find a practical way to rebuild Rome whenever and wherever someone requires it. So that is the bad news….we thought we just get that bit out of the way first. The good news is that we did find however a way to replicate the ice cream part and the best thing is that you can make it fresh at home.

For the complete experience though we recommend you sing some Italian opera or speak really fast with an Italian accent while you make the ice cream unless of course you can in fact speak Italian.

Rum raisin ice cream: This is what I’m talking about, straight back to memories of Rome with this one. I’m sure you’ll enjoy both the making and the eating of this delicious recipe; we’ve made a video to let you see it’s easy as 123.

Vanilla ice cream: Simple but good, this classic ice cream is great when made fresh. The wonderful thing is that it goes with many things from fresh fruits to chocolate sauce. You’ve got to make this cool dude at least once in your life time.

Pear sherbet: Ice cold refreshment but without the cream; not going to lie to you it’s still not the lightest dish on the planet. But………… pear ice cream is so seductive… anyway you decide.

Grand Marnier shake: This fruit and milk smoothie is cool and refreshing, it’s got a bit of a bite this one, but you can also leave the old mariner at home and enjoy it alcohol free.