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Lovin from the oven

A cold spell seems to sweep across Europe bringing icy temperatures and snow; also it’s back to school and the work place; and as if that isn’t enough: its dark when you get back home…. just what you would expect from January. This means we can all use some comforting nourishment that’s why we have some winning recipes for you, some “lovin’ from the oven” to help you make it through this month


Al forno with a Bolognese sauce, simply delicious! Wake me up in the middle of the night for this dish.

Shepherd’s pie

Good sturdy fare for these winter days, best served straight after taking from the oven. Guaranteed there will be a queue for seconds.

Aubergine Gratin

Aubergine Gratin

Delicious vegetables with some mozzarella cheese baked to perfection in the oven; All we can say is: “Tuck in”

Stuffed peppers

Unbeatable dish, savoury and served with rice, be careful that you make enough.

Oven Chicory

Mashed potato, healthy vegetables, ham and cheese all to fend off the winter blues.