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Merry Veggie Christmas

Christmas is a happy time for many people.............. with, presents, family and a warm sense of being together; however if you're hosting it may also be a bit stressful. Questions like: "what to eat this year?", "how to make....?", "What goes well together...?" can really make your life difficult. That's why we're offering you a helping hand in the food department.

We would like to start you off with an alternative look at Christmas, a vegetarian perspective. Forget for a moment the traditional stuff and consider some of the festive dishes below. They're meant to work together as a vegetarian Christmas menu, but ofcourse you can mix and match as you please...

As it says on the tin, this is a delicious carpaccio made with large portobello mushrooms. the dressing is divine and the parmesan wafers make the dish look festive and complete the flavour profile.

Attractive presentation and a delicate yet hearty flavour, sure to liven up your chistmas dinner as your guest enjoy this course. Just don't give away how quick and easy this was to make.

For the main course you'll need something cheerful, delicious and substantive. We claim to have found just the thing for you. Like the other dishes there is no meat present, but it's a filling feast on your table.

Creme Brulee............. but spiked with grand marnier; This subtly different grand desert will satisfy and delight your guests. (Plus it's the perfect excuse to get one of those little blowtorches to caramalize the sugar.)

Finally coffee, cognac and maybe even a sigar. but for sure you'll love these home made razor thing ginger and spice wafers that will melt in you mouth. Again you'll be surprised how a little effort gets you a long way. (they're also fun to make)

Keep an eye out next week as we continue our chistmas menu bonanza!!