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Mistletoe, Snow And Turkey Roast

A warm glow from the fire place, family gathered around sharing stories and a toast or two. Then finally the call for dinner comes and all gather around, the beautifully decorated, table with colorful paper crackers…pops… cheers, funny hats, slightly corny jokes and little gifts… a wonderful Christmas dinner begins.

To get you into the right atmosphere we have a classic menu laid out for you, with starters, soup and delicious crispy skin Turkey with Madeira gravy and much more; so without further ado, Truola’s classic Christmas menu.. just for you...

Salmon & new potatoes: This is an appetizer, to get the dinner going, it is delicious in its simplicity and herbal essence; remember to leave some space for the other courses!

Forest Mushroom Soup: Next up is a soup, made with a mélange of mushrooms, creamy and refined; its silky texture is perfect to set you up for the main.

Turkey filled with sage served with roasted potatoes and Madeira gravy: Yes turkey is part of the classic menu; it’s a big bird and difficult to get it right; we guarantee you can’t go wrong with this recipe and the Madeira gravy really puts a crown on your work.

Irish Coffee: It depends on the whisky or whiskey you use in the recipe; no matter what you use, for sure it will warm you up and help put a nice finishing note on the dinner.

Rustic mince pies – mini: Christmas simply can’t be celebrated without mince pies. We suggest mini mince pies to follow such a rich and satisfying meal; also they go great with the Irish coffee. Let us know what you think.