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Nice n Cheesy

Cheese…. I could stop here and leave it at that. However, that doesn’t quite feel right. I watch a lot of recipes and recipe videos. I have to say that some of our “colleagues” have them down to an art..

You know what I mean……….the end of the fast forward recipe video approaches and a fork delicately pulls the dish apart exposing soft stringy cheese. This looks incredibly enticing! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

To be quite honest it’s difficult to make such an ending because the cheese is cold before you know it and if you’re multi-tasking the dish and the camera it sometimes doesn’t quite go to plan.

But I digress; apart from the yummy/stringy optical factor, cheese is an ingredient for many dishes and sometimes even the main protagonist of the dish. As you undoubtedly know cheese has many forms and is found all over the world; from world famous brie and camembert through Danish blue cheese to relatively lesser known types such as Suluguni from Georgia (although people from Georgia probably won’t agree with my point about Suluguni being a lesser known cheese).

Some cheeses are young used straight after the curdling process, and some are mature and partially consumed by fungi before we eat them.

It’s a very versatile food indeed, as it can come from cow, goat, sheep and even reindeer. It’s good to have around if you’re low on nourishment and it’s even great simply on a slice of bread. So what we have for you this week is a theme about cheese and we have some dishes which you might enjoy.


Khatchapury: This is a Georgian cheese bread, there are many variants of khachapury, but this is the type that we used to enjoy in Georgian restaurants in Moscow. It took ages for us to figure out how they actually make these breads. But here is the secret, enjoy but don’t tell anyone ok?

Pasta Quattro fromagi: This quick and simple dish is great if you fancy a day without meat, but still want some substance. Try this at home kids!

Blue cheese dip

Blue cheese dip: literally 5 minutes maximum to make. It’s great with nachos, chicken wings, celery stems or as a spreadbase for a sandwich.

Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni Cheese: Yes but not quite… this is mac ‘n’ cheese with a kick. Addictively good, let your audience be judge the stage is yours.