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Sea Sun Snax

A day at the beach, what a wonderful get away!! Children running barefoot over the wet sand, a flotation device on each arm and a white sunhat as though they’ve joined the French foreign legion.

In one hand a plastic bucket, in the other a little plastic spade… off to build a castle, a marina or a canal system for their “boats”. Thickly smeared with sun cream and a cake of fresh sand around their mouths where they’ve tried their own sand cakes or took a step too quickly and kissed the ground.

Some kids on skim-boards or simply with a ball… playing beach tennis or running into the waves as fast and as long as they can before falling over. Crab hunting at low tide, but come back with some shells and a sea star.

Mum under a parasol with some Gucci glasses, adjusting the straps of her bathing suit to catch maximum sun. Dad, with factor 50 on his nose, but slowly turning red on his belly and his chest as he reads an exciting detective that is too good to put down even for just one second.

Breakfast was an age ago and ice creams and caramel coated peanuts sold by beach vendors fill the void. By four everybody is hungry and by five the family has progressed to the nearest beachfront restaurant; the fare is simple but the fish is good…… it’s fresh and the owner has a special recipe for you. You enjoy cod, mussels or sole from the establishment with a chilled bottle of white wine…….Those were the days….weren’t they?

Back home you long to go to the beach once more, however time doesn’t allow or something gets in the way and the memory gets watered down. You could ofcourse order a ton of sand, beach front wall paper, some deck chairs a strong lamp a fan and download a MP4 with beach sounds……but we think that’s going a little far.

Instead we can offer you a couple of recipes that are delicious and might take you back to that beachfront restaurant where you closed out the beach visit in style.

Crab Croquettes

Crab Croquettes: This dish is so tasty, even your usual “fish sceptics” will be won over. I’m sure you’ll enjoy both the making and the eating of this delicious recipe; we’ve made a video to show you how good it looks, up to you how good it tastes.

Cod with a herb crust

Cod with a herb crust: Beautiful fresh white fish with a delicate topping. Easy to prepare as it goes in the oven.

Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips: Great British classic, there are only two places where this great dish could possibly be even better, at the seaside or made at home. So go for it and make this classic for your home team.

King Prawn Linguine

King Prawn Linguine:
This dish needs no introduction; experiment with the sauce or just follow the recipe, either way it will be delicious.