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Sweet Temptation

You never quite know how it starts; a sight, a smell, a touch or simply a thought. You’re not quite conscious of it, but it sparks a small tingle in the back of your mind.

It starts as a tiny tingle, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. The tingle becomes tingly, becomes a sensation, becomes an image; becomes a widescreen 4D internal experience complete with motion picture, smells, flavours, sound, touch and a complementary rumble in the stomach…life like…… ………………………. and you become aware a new craving has arrived.

A craving for something sweet that is. The first reaction usually is to divert your route and buy some chocolate or other sweet instantly gratifying item full of factory goodness and e-numbers. Truth be told, sometimes this has to happen.

However here at Truola satisfaction labs, we have discovered that making the treat yourself is not only better for you but very much more satisfying and rewarding.

For a start we know that simply by making it yourself you will add fewer and fresher ingredients and you’ll avoid any additives that are usually standard in manufactured food; you’ll know what you’re eating.

Secondly a sense of pride will swell your chest as you place your self-prepared treats in front of your friends and family; you know that even the few oddly shaped specimens can’t spoil the party but rather fuel some jolly banter and conversation.

We have some reason to believe that the general satisfaction and harmony generated by preparing your own food could eventually lead to world peace; but that hasn’t been scientifically proven…Yet.

So give in to your sweet temptation and make a few recipes with us that will hit the sweet spot.

For a really sweet moment, try our Toffee crisp

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