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Taste like chicken

Chickens have been with humans for over 10 000 years, descendant from dinosaurs and the Egyptians were the first apparently to mass hatch them in “ovens” kept at constant incubating temperature fueled by straw and camel dung. (if you’re interested in a detailed account of the history of the chicken, the Smithsonianmag does a nice job of bringing it together for you.)

Just like with grain and cattle the question arises who is using whom? Humans ensure continuation and safeguarding of the chicken species and in return chicken provides a number of things that make our lives easier, such as eggs, meat, feathers. Just who’s more successful remains the question and the answer might lie in sheer numbers.

From a culinary perspective, chicken meat is relatively mild and neutral and it forms a great base for combining with different flavours. It’s no surprise then that chicken is present in many cuisines around the world. It also lends itself to many variations in preparation, from grilling to steaming and from preparing the whole bird to dicing & cooking.

We have a couple of different chicken preparations from around the world for you to try. Whilst of course the possibilities are endless, these recipes are a bit different and we like that they highlight some very different aspects of chicken dishes.

Sweet and sour chicken

Sweet & Sour ChickenFor many people this is a big favourite when they go to a restaurant; learn to make this delicious chicken dish yourself. It doesn’t take much time, there are however a few ingredients to work through if, like us, you like to cook it from scratch.

To get you in the mood we've prepared a recipe video for sweet & sour chicken:

Chicken Tabaka

Pan-fried chicken tabaka

This literally means "chicken under a stone" in the Caucasus. The dish originates from Georgia and they usually prepare it with spring chicken. Basically the whole chicken is used. Its cut open at the breast and tenderized and marinated over night with Georgian spices. The chicken is then fried whole on both sides with a heavy weight on top. This approach sears the chicken and keeps the juices inside; giving you some of the juiciest chicken you’ve ever tasted....probably........ just try it, our chicken under a stone.

Chicken wings

Chicken Wings

An all-time favourite for many people and it’s not difficult to make; the problem is that usually we buy ready marinated wings and these probably contain some ingredients that we don’t want or need or proportions of salt and sugar that aren’t good for us. So going back to basics, we’d like to share with you a recipe that is a. yummy and b. fully within your control.

Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Quesadillas

Probably not one for everyday, but we guarantee you’ll finish your plate with this recipe. And balancing yin and yang, the romaine salad is very healthy ;).