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Thrill with your grill

Summer has arrived; or at least it should have arrived by now. So far it’s been a bit humid here and it would probably have been better to invest in a canoe than a grill. However let’s imagine for a moment that summer is finally here…

The warm weather makes you feel pleasant; you’re not hassled by jackets, scarves and hats. Like a magnet, summer pulls you into the outside air to enjoy the sunshine. Some will laze at Lord’s and spend the day watching cricket, others will pull up a lounge chair and sleep or read in the sun with their ipod’s on replay with easy music; some will venture to the beer garden at the local pub and enjoy a pint in the sunshine.

At some point in the day a common feeling will start to manifest its self; it might be you who voices it first or your spouse……and likely your kids might say “can we do a barbecue?” Then the reigns are loose, we’re connecting back to nature; being outside makes you hungry and you want to cook with fire like we have always done since we started to walk upright, thousands of years ago.

This, we think at Truola, is a moment to celebrate; outside cooking, connecting back with ourselves and the simple pleasure of food prepared over an open fire.

You might pick up a disposable grill and some meat from the convenience store and grill in the park, or you might make it a bit of an event with friends and family on your patio in the back yard. It doesn’t really matter; what’s important here really is that we celebrate our humanity and recognize once again that the simple pleasures in life are the best.

To help you celebrate, we have selected a few recipes for the grill and also some sides that might go well with your barbecue adventure.

Let’s go outside and thrill with the grill…………..

Tzatziki Cacik:

And some other recipes to try with or on your grill:

lula Kebab Easy Tomato Salsa Pioneer RibsTzatziki Cacik