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Top Five Soups Of The Day

Soups are good for body and mind. From nourishing broth to satisfying deep-filled soups, they all radiate a warm feeling through the body with every spoon you consume. The best thing about them is that they're usually quick and simple to make... and did we mention that they're healthy. So go ahead and make some of these home made soups, just look how easy it is:

This week we share with you our top five soups we consider a vital accessory for mid-winter season. Truola's absolute favourite is the deep-filled farmer soup or (erwten soep), it takes a little time to make but... well you be the judge.

#5: Broccoli & Stilton Soup

Lovely balance of Stilton Blue cheese and Broccoli; if you don't have Stilton to hand try another Blue cheese. (Saint Aigur, Danish Blue etc.)

#4: Onion Soup

Criminally good and satisfying, no more words......

#3: Carrot & Coriander Soup

But slightly different with some fenugreek for those long winter nights :).

#2: Potato Cream & Horseradish Soup

A cornerstone of Swiss cuisine, beautifully smooth soup with a delicious Horse radish twang.. try it.

#1: Rustic Deep Filled Farmers Soup

hen its cold in the Netherlands, this soup is often on the menu; personally it reminds me of frozen lakes, ice skating for miles and miles and then a warm cup of soup to recharge.