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Truola Top 2016 Countdown

At the sunset of the year we remind you the recipes you liked most throughout 2016.

Here comes our top hits countdown.


Skyr & Grilled Chicken Double-decker Sandwich

Skyr is all the rave these days with its high protein and low fat, have a look at this barrier breaking sandwich which puts grilled chicken and skyr into one place and boy do they talk to each other!!!



We made this out in the woods, cooking in the open air in front of a log cabin; it simply doesn’t get any better than that. You can make it outside on your grill or inside in the oven….all you have to do is find some hungry friends….


Pigs in blankets

They need no introduction, great little numbers to get the party started. Especially with a nice prosecco or wine.


Home made sausage rolls

This recipe requires a bit of work, but it worth it ;).


Belgium pearl waffles

These waffles are something else. They have been known to be compared to the eighth wonder of the world… only kidding.. they are very good though. We’re not going to lie to you, this simply isn’t a diet recipe.


Aubergine gratin

This is our vegetarian flagship this week. Look at the video and be enchanted, it’s simply delicious, serve it with some rice or some salad and your evening is made.


Rum&raisin Ice cream

Classic dessert, and we have some ideas to lift a simple ice-cream to “festive” status. Stay tuned…


Crab Croquettes

This dish is so tasty, even your usual “fish skeptics” will be won over. I’m sure you’ll enjoy both the making and the eating of this delicious recipe; we’ve made a video to show you how good it looks, up to you how good it tastes.


Ghost Cupcakes

delicious and easy to make. Sure to conjure a smile on the faces of friends and family.



Traditionally Dutch, these mini pancakes are fun and tasty! They're prepared in a flash and you're guaranteed to be asked for seconds.