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Viva Tomato

Tomatoes you say? ………what’s so special about tomatoes? Well apart from being utterly delicious and versatile from savoury to sweet, they’re also incredibly good for you. They’re high in antioxidants and vitamin c and did I mention they’re very tasty.

Italian cuisine would be quite a bit more monotonous if they didn’t exist and frankly the world would be a less exciting place without this wonderful culinary fruit.

We at Truola ofcourse embrace all the goodness and flavours that tomatoes bring but we also deeply respect the colour. So in short that’s why we’d like to dedicate this week to the humble tomato and celebrate its glory with a few simple but very tasty recipes.

Here's to tomatoes...

Bolognese Sauce Caprese Salad Spicy Salsa Chunky Tomato Soup