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Wake Up!!............Its Fathers day

From experience we know that fathers work hard and sometimes also need to be pampered a little bit; what better way to spoil a man than with some delicious treats.

Besides............... if the kids get involved, they might allow him a bit of extra sleep. So here at Truola we have some nice recipes that we're sure the father of the house will like and which you can quite easily get your kids involved with.

How do we know you'll be successful? Well ................we're three dads ourselves and these things would make us exceedingly happy; especially if made / brought to us on father's day by our sons or daughters.

So to get you in the mood here's one of the recipes that you could make

Check out the recipes:

Home made sausage rolls Scones Strawberry Smoothie American Pancakes

Home made Sausage rolls


Strawberry Smoothie

American Pancakes