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X-mas Party Remix

This year you want to do Christmas…. your way; a little less formal, less traditional maybe even a bit casual. With people mingling and chatting, grabbing a bite or a drink, low maintenance and maximum fun. What we suggest here is a bit off the beaten Christmas track, but if you’re up for it we guarantee you won’t ever look back.

Imagine your guests having fun as they mingle and chat and occasionally take a bite from the buffet that you’ve laid out for them. So here are some of our suggestions.

Pigs in blankets

They need no introduction, great little numbers to get the party started. Especially with a nice prosecco or wine.

Focaccia with assorted dips

Slightly more filling than other dips, but each one of these dips hit the spot and they’re all made from scratch.

Pulled cod with avocado guacamole

Cod steamed with lemon and its own juices and then pulled and served with a guacamole. A smooth delicate dish that will make you wish you’d made more.

Venison Stew

Given the lounge theme it’s practical to have a main course that guests can serve them selves. This stew with the sides is perfect for that. It’s an elegant Christmas styled dish which will have your guests returning for seconds or thirds.

Roasted vegetables

The beauty here is the ease of preparation and the wow of presentation. That your guests will love these vegetables goes without saying.

Vitelotte potato gratin

If you have enough oven dishes to make them individual portions it will look special, but don’t worry it also works as a whole dish.

Festive Glace-Caramel

Delicious decorative dessert for the holidays… you may need to find a gym in January :-).